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Our mission


My name is Sar Kosal. I am a director of Cando School.

Based on the will to love education and the desire to contribute to increase human resources with the Royal Government as well as develop our country to grow rapidly and in accordance with the rectangular strategy "for job growth, equity and efficiency in Cambodia" of the Royal Government.

My family and I started a school called Cando School. The purpose of establishing Cando school is to contribute to the development of education and human resource development effectively with the Royal Government, which has the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia. Education is one of the priority areas in the development of our country because Cambodia is a developing country in all fields.

1- Vision

Cando School will be one of the highest quality schools in line with national and international standards and the most reputable in Cambodia and recognized worldwide. The students who graduated from Cando School are competent in intellectual, general knowledge, English, Chinese, Computer, Science, Technology and have specific skills that can successfully capture the job market both at home and abroad.

2- Mission

In order to achieve the above vision, the school has organized a mission to improve the education sector by providing students with important life skills such as analysis, thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening skillfully and confidently. Self-study and training on 4 major programs:

1-General Education from kindergarten and grades 1 to 6.

2- General English from Preschool to Level12.

3- General Chinese from Preschool to Level12.

4- Computer Training Courses.

All subjects are taught by teachers and professors who have a degree and enough experience in teaching.

3- Goal

With a vision and mission organized to improve the quality of education, we are confident that the students who have graduated from Cando will receive a high-quality education in accordance with national and international standards. Upon graduation from Cando School, our students will become good citizens, leaders with high morals and virtues, as well as competencies in general education, English, Chinese, computer and skills. It has successfully competed for the national and international job market in accordance with the motto of the Cando School "Quality Efficiency Excellence Morality and Virtue" and to be the good leaders of the nation in the future.